All companies manage confidential data and deal with proprietary intellectual property that needs to be protected at all times. The threats are not necessary external but can be someone from within the company itself.

It can be anything right from company bills, or patented designs, confidential mails to employee data, everything is at a risk of being circulated to the public domain. This information is easily available to the company workforce and can be made available to the anyone within seconds. Within the company, security measures like can be put in place but what about the employees accessing remotely or if any information is carried in the physical format.

For such instances, we have innovative an unique solution for all internal threat management, AnexGATE Patrol. This solution, once operational with the admin, allows you to prevent the workforce from sharing the files over any USB or removable storage, block drag-drop or copy-paste of files, block upload ot attaching files over mails, and block print of documents into physical forms.

This solution for its application is quite economical and can be scaled for any size of the organisation. It can also be customised to fit the work environment of any organisation. For example, if you want to block sharing over USB and copy paste of information but ALLOW the upload of files over mails or company servers - it can be easily updated with the admin at the backend.

Block Transfer over USB

Block Drag and Drop,
Cut and Copy of Files

Block Upload and Attachment of Piles

Block Printiing of any documents