AnexStore - NAS

Data is one of the most critical assets for any company. Data driven companies rely heavily on the easy availability and access of multitudes of this data from their Head office. It is also of paramount importance that only authorized access is granted to this data. NAS is one of the most efficient solutions to deal with large data storage for organisations

What is NAS?

NAS is Network Attached Storage which creates a storage space in your network at your Head office or Data Centre, for easy access, storage, retrieval and backup of all your company's data at one central location. This is easily accessible for all authorized network users, similar to having a private cloud in your office. 


AnexStore is a custom made NAS device that stores, retrieves and creates a backup of your data, acting like your personal cloud storage space at your office. The main advantage of AnexStore is that it has flexible configurations and can scale to your office needs. It is custom developed to help accommodate the future needs of growing business. An added advantage of this device is that it is highly secure, providing access to authorized network users only. It is faster, budget friendly and gives your granular control over your data.