A Smart Solution for managing your entire Network from one Location.

AnexHub is a value-add solution to your existing AnexGATE Network that enables Network Admins to deploy multiple appliances, manage and push configurations and updates to every single appliance in the network. With AnexHub, managing your Entire Network i s as simple as the click of a button.

These appliances can even be segregated into Zones, enabling admins to easier management of the entire network as well as assigning Zone managers for each location.

AnexHub acts as a Consolidated Dashboard for the entire Network, to get NMS data, definition critical information, uptime, downtime, update version etc for all the appliances in the network.

AnexHub is compatible with AnexFuse and can be managed from any location.

How Does AnexHub

1. Your AnexGate ACE talks to the AnexHub Cloud and sets itself up and synchroizes all the configuration.

2. Configuration changes can be done in AnexHub Cloud or directly on the AnexGate ACE.

3. The Configuration will be synced On Device and AnexHub Cloud.

4. Newer configuration is pushed from the AnexGate ACE to the AnexHub cloud or vice versa depending upon what is the most recent configuration.



Device Status