BANDWIDTH! - One of the most crucial tools for any business worldwide. Especially post pandemic, most businesses are adapting to the online model and run on online meetings and work from home systems. This has increased the demand for high availability of bandwidth and high uptime, even at remote locations.

Most internet connections, especially broadband connections, while being affordable are not as reliable as leased lines or dedicated MPLS circuits Load Balancing can provide higher bandwidth by balancing multiple connections on different links, however, single connection performance is always limited to the performance of a single WAN.


This is an innovative solution that goes beyond the conventional connection level techniques and gives you the ability to manage your traffic at the packet level. With the power of SD-WAN and AnexFuse, it is now possible to achieve higher upload and download bandwidth for individual connections.

AnexFuse works at the packet level ensuring that even a single connection is able to leverage the bandwidth of more than a single WAN, providing you higher bandwidth in case of higher throughput requirements or higher fault tolerance incase of protection against link failures.

Combined Throughput

AnexFuse provides amalgamated throughput of all WAN uplinks, all packet data is distributed across a llthe available WAN Links and aggregated at the controller to provide true bandwidth aggregation, even for single TCP connection applications such as FTP, SMB, rsync, etc..

When more than 1 WAN is online, packet are distributed across WAN links and reassembled at the controller, each packet will take a different path. all links can be utilised even for single session traffic.

Active/Passive Failover Mode

AnexFuse also provides the traditional mode of Active-Passive VPN, however, since AnexFuse operates both at Layer 2 and Layer 3, the failover times are 5X lesser when compared to traditional VPNs which take minutes to failover from one WAN to another.

  • When the highest priority WAN goes offline, the next priority - secondary - WAN takes over.

  • VPN is automatically re-established and connectivity resumes. VPN takes over sim 2 when sim 1 goes offline.

  • Fault Tolerance - Zero Packet Loss

    This mode provides full redundancy by transmitting multiple copies of the same packet data, the controller performs deduplication to ensure that any packet loss on the WAN Links is overcome by transmitting redundant copies of the data packets, this mode is a game changes for VOIP applications or applications which are sensitive to packet loss wherein a single packet loss can cause disruptions.

    When more than 1 WAN is online, all packets are sent across both connections. In case of packet loss, the backup from the other connection is restored in the AnexFuse Controller. Thus mitigating jitter or packet loss.


    Voice over IP (VoIP)

    VoIP is everywhere AnexFuse along with VoiP work hand in hand to provide a seamless experience. The High fault tolerance mode provided by AnexFuse ensures that VoIP connections experience zero packet loss even when some WAN links go down, this provides a flicker free voice call experience.

    High Definition Video Broadcasting

    From live streaming, to news broadcasting from remote locations, AnexFuse helps video broadcasting applications to have higher bandwidth and being able to stream at higher resolutions when compared to load balancing to enjoy seamless high definition videos.


    For bank locations, especially at remote locations, AnexFuse creates stable internet connectivity using sim and usb for remote locations and with bandwidth bonding technology and autofailover, enables high uptime

    Other application includes




    Surveillance industry