AnexGATE Patrol


Most companies are adapting to the work from home culture to keep their teams safe as well as save valuable capital costs during these difficult times. But working remotely creates a vulnerability for companies dealing with confidential data. It is also a priority for companies to keep this data safe and secure from being shared or copied.

One of the major highlights of this solution is that it provides tracking and monitoring of all activity of file transfer and upload of intellectual property that happens over the laptops or systems of your work from home employees.


Block USB and Removable Storage
If USB devices are blocked, all transfer is stopped but you can monitor the activity. In case USB is not blocked, you can track and monitor all the transfer activity to the USB Drive

Block Print of Documents
This feature block the printing of all intellectual property documents so that people cannot print any of these documents on local printers at

Block File attachments and uploads
This prevents employees from attaching files to personal mails and/or any uploads to file transfer apps to share these files.

Block Drag and Drop
This prevents all drag and drop of all files for any application or purpose of sharing or uploading files.

For more information on how you can protect your confidential data and Intellectual property documents.

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Value Addition

Integrated Secure VPN Solution Integrating AnexGATE Patrol with AnexGATE VPN solution will give an unprecedented solution to your Institution for highly secure file transfer over a Secure VPN tunnel. This facilitates a secure access for all Employees to access confidential information from your head office server and not manipulate or tamper your intellectual property.