AnexGATE ACE is a revolutionary cost effective secure connectivity appliance that allows you to securely interconnect your distributed locations to your head office and/or data centers, giving secure access to application servers using advanced VPN technologies.

One of the main attractions of the ACE is that it comes with Single and Dual 4G LTE connectivity options that provides a good connectivity option even in remote areas. The added Bandwidth Aggregation and MultiLink Auto Failover helps you to optimise your bandwidth management efficiently and have 100% Uptime for an unmatched performance.

AnexGATE ACE is the most pertinent solution to manage your multiple branch office network located at distant remote locations. It removes the option of choosing multiple expensive UTM appliances that are installed at your branch offices for similar applications. It also eliminates the need for multiple paid updates and licences thus providing financial value addition to your network.

AnexGATE ACE is a fresh positive approach towards enterprise networking, where it provides seamless connectivity to your organisation as well as enhanced security features to keep your branch office always online and protected. 

Bandwidth Aggregation Combine Bandwidth from multiple WAN connections as well as USB and Sim cards for higher Bandwidth Output.

Multi-Link Auto Failover Automatically shift to the secondary or 4G Up link when the primary link fails, maintaining almost 100% Internet Uptime.

SD-WAN Integration
Ensure higher efficiency & network performance for all your communication with integration of SD-WAN for your applications.

4G LTE Backhaul
Connection over 4G LTE SIMs
and USB Dongle to have connectivity even in remote places. 

Secure VPN Connectivity  Secure VPN tunnels for communication within the network ensuring a highly secure network.

Built-in Stateful Firewall 
The security essentials of a firewall integrated into the system to stay protected at all times.

Why ACE ?

ACE Family

ACE Classic Series


ACE Classic is a mid range variant of the ACE family and is the most cost effective solution for branch office interconnectivity. This provides highly secure remote connectivity solutions at the most budget friendly prices.

It consists of varied advanced features like bandwidth aggregation and load balancing that can bond upto 3 connections and allow you to manage your bandwidth efficiently. It also consists of multilink failover that provides automatic shift to a parallel connection in case of network downtime.

It also allows you to securely connect to your head office server from your branch office to securely access data through secure VPN tunnel (SSL and IPSec).

Model - ACE Classic Plus, ACE Classic Pro

ACE Gigabit Series

Intelligent Branch Networking Solution at Gigabit Speeds.

ACE Gigabit Series creates advanced branch office networks that operate at higher bandwidths. This is an ideal and efficient solutions for most companies that create high bandwidth and higher speed applications. Along with all in built features like Bandwidth Aggregation, Multilink Failover and SD_WAN, ACE Gigabit also provides gigabit interface for higher speed connections to have unceasing connectivity. Along with this, Gigabit also provides SIM support in case of Network Downtime and provides auto failover between upto 5 connections. All these features ensure almost 100% Internet Uptime.

In addition, it also allows you to hreate a highly secure VPN tunnel between your Head Office and Branch Office for secure communication.

Model - ACE Classic Plus Gigabit, ACE Classic Pro Gigabit

ACE Advanced Series


ACE Advanced series is the high end variant of the ACE family having top notch feature list and provides the most efficient solutions for secure remote connectivity of branch offices using Dual 4G LTE Connectivity.

ACE Advanced offers a plethora of features like bandwidth optimisation and load balancing that allows you to manage your bandwidth efficiently and never fall short of bandwidth during critical times. It bonds upto 5 connections and utilise your bandwidth intelligently

It also offers multi link and Dual SIM aggregation and failover that allows you to shift from your existing MPLS connection to your local bandwidth in case of failure in the network. It also allows connectivity through USB tethering and 4G sims to have 100% Network Uptime even at remote locations.

One of the main features of the ACE Advanced series is the highly secure VPN tunnel (SSL and IPSec) that allows you to securely access your Head office server from any remote location.

Model - ACE Advanced, ACE Advanced Pro,
ACE Advanced Pro Gigabit

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