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AnexGATE VPN concentrator

AnexGATE VPN Concentrator offers solutions for secure remote access to organizations by offering PPTP , IPSec and Secure SSL VPN along with other VPN Client connectivity on a single platform.
The Virtual Private Network is changing the way that businesses communicate. Traditionally, in order to deploy a wide area network, organizations would need to procure expensive leased line technology to connect their offices. The VPN however has the ability to run over public networks (like the Internet) whilst providing security and integrity for your data.
AnexGATE VPN Concentrator provide your business with unprecedented cost savings through flexible, reliable, and high-performance remote-access solutions. It IPSec VPN communicates with most third party VPNs, making it compatible with existing network infrastructures and providing secure access with Remote offices , Out stationed users/ employee and customers.

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The key benefits that AnexGATE VPN Concentrator provide are:
  • Extend Geographic connectivity
  • Manage your VPN traffic by defining granular access rules based on VPN Users, Network addresses or location.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Provide support for home/remote working.
  • Integrate well with existing broadband access technologies.
  • Greatly reduce operational costs when compared to traditional WAN technologies.
key functions which make AnexGATE VPN Concentrator secure
  • Authentication – Ensuring the communication is from a trusted source
  • Confidentiality – Preventing the reading or copying of data as it travels across the public network
  • Access Control – Preventing unauthorized users from accessing the network
  • Data integrity – Ensuring the data has not been tampered with as it travels across the public network.

There are currently several types of VPN technologies available in AnexGATE VPN Concentrator . These can be broken down into 2 main categories:

Client to site (or remote access) VPNs

Site to site VPNs.

The AnexGATE VPN concentrator supports Mainly three types of VPN connections :


IPSec :

It is used to securely connect two or more IPSec Devices together to create one large, secure network. Each VPN Device acts as a VPN Concentrator for each network. AnexGATE’s IPSec support allows you to connect one AnexGATE Device to another, or connect AnexGATE to third-party firewall products.



It is used to establish a connection from a computer to the AnexGATE via Internet. Employees can then access the server as if they were connected via the office LAN.


Secure SSL VPN :

Anywhere, Any Time, Any Device VPN connectivity – Lets administrators provide secure remote access to the internal network. AnexGATE ’s intuitive GUI makes it easier to: Configure basic settings through a setup wizard, Generate custom certificates for each client, Easily distribute client software via email or configure Site to Site VPN tunnel between two AnexGATE Devices.

In addition to above, with AnexGATE ACE, which easily connects a branch office to your HQ and make unsecured Branch location in to secure Location

Make any location into a secure location- Our Branch Office VPN with ACE lets employees at different locations send and receive information through the Internet via a secure connection. And it’s so easy to use, you can link sites without any experience with VPNs.

AnexGATE offers Secure , encrypted , trouble-free, stable connectivity between HO to branch office Site to Site VPN with flexible administration. Connect everything with public or private IP addresses using multiple Internet connections ,LL , Broadband, 3G USB dongle . Fully share computers in both networks or limit the traffic that can travel over the tunnels. Build VPN tunnels across dozens or hundreds of devices from a central console with AnexGATE ACE , without the need for technical skill at the remote sites. Plus, our VPN supports host names for tunnels with a built-in AnexGATE’s Own Free Custom Dynamic DNS client.

AnexGATE ACE Supports Both IPSec and SSL Based VPN, But we strongly encourage you to use Secure SSL VPN instead of IPSec if you can choose. The only argument which comes to our mind for using IPSec is interoperability to other vendors.Support for a broad range of standardized tunnelling protocols and technologies enable secure connections between multiple offices via the Internet:

  • Supports IPSec and Secure SSL VPN
  • IPSec offers high interoperability with other devices
  • Access Control – Preventing unauthorized users from accessing the network
  • Secure SSL VPN allows for easy setup between two AnexGATE Devices or with ACE Edge device
  • Nat-Traversal for establishing tunnels between NAT devices
  • Supports all major encryption and many authentication methods
  • VPN Over Dynamic Ip

Note- Companies around the world are rapidly expanding office network access and are widely adopting Secure SSL VPN technology as a replacement to traditional IPSec VPNs for secure, remote access. Until now, an IPSec VPN was the only choice for a site-to-site IP VPN. Compared to IPSec, AnexGATE’s new Site2Site solution combines the secure tunneling capability of a site-to-site VPN with the increased security, fine grain access control, hidden internal networks, and reduced administrative burden and cost of SSL VPN.