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UTM Firewall

Consolidate multiple security and networking functions all into one.


VPN Concentrator

Highly secured and robust VPN for excellent multi-sites connection.


AAA/ HotSpot management

Solid hotspot Users /Guest access management-empowered advanced security gateway.


Branch Connectivity

Turn any location into a secure location with our “Secure Remote Connectivity Devices” (SRCD)


About AnexGATE

AnexGATE is a technology company based in Bangalore , India and was established by Rahul Gupta, the founder and CEO for Smile Security and Surveillance Pvt. Ltd. (SSSPL), a stalwart in IT industry and highly passionate about MAKE IN INDIA.
AnexGATE (A division of SSSPL) came up with its first Unified Security Gateway product AG series in the year 2004. Concentrating on providing each one of our customers with both reliable , secure and 100% uptime connectivity solutions for mainly distributed organization like Retails, Logistics, Manufacturing and BFSI segments.
In the year 2015 AnexGATE came up with its one of kind AAA / Hotspot Management Product- AnexSPOT , better than the competitors both on features and price to be part of the new digital India initiative by the government to provide secure internet access in public places. AnexSPOT made AnexGATE brand popular in B&C class, HealthCare, Hospitality, SOHO, SME, Enterprise and Education Segments.
The direct support that we offer is one of the biggest advantages that we provide when compared to our competitors. Additionally, another one of the biggest advantages of AnexGATE Product which comes with Perpetual license . With no hidden costs or additional requirements, all of our clients are continually allowed to use their product over the entire product lifetime.

Secure Networking Challenges addressed by AnexGATE

AnexGATE is routinely used to address Total network security including, Routing, web filtering , VPN, Bandwidth & User management needs. The platform is also widely deployed to address secure networking needs including:


  • Dynamic Failover detects primary access outage and dynamically reverts to secondary Internet or 3G/4G cellular
  • High Availability feature limits downtime with redundant Firewall s and dynamic failover
  • Advance Routing provides policy-based-routing of traffic over redundant network links
  • WAN Optimization minimizes traffic latency and reduces the amount of traffic between sites


  • Next Generation Firewall applies layers of network protection in a single network appliance
  • Secure VPN provides access to remote sites via always-on encrypted tunnels
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention with a PCI-compliant IDS/IPS sensor that detects and blocks potentially malicious activity
  • Advanced Malware Protection detects and blocks malware, Trojan horses and phishing websites
  • Geographical IP Filtering blocks malicious traffic sources from selected countries


  • Application Control allows you to securely access any application on your head office servers without packet loss
  • Easy Configuration allows network admins to easily configure the system in their network and control various aspects with minimal steps
  • Granular Control allows network admins to have complete access to their network infrastructure and custom define the policy according to their regulations
  • Better Performance With SD-WAN and other advanced features in place, the downtime of the network reduces, allowing for better performing networks

Application Control

  • Bandwidth Shaping limits the amount of bandwidth a device can consume
  • Traffic Shaping allows for bandwidth throttling based on application types
  • Quality of Service (QoS) ensures that traffic going through the firewall gets prioritized according to the level of quality that is required
  • Threat Protection & Content Filtering blocks Internet traffic based on URL categories definitions
  • URL Blocking allows and denies traffic based on specific URLs
  • Network Segmentation with biannual audits, confirms appropriate configuration

Looking for something more specific?

A complete set of security features integrated into an all-in-one solution designed to keep your network safe and secure

  • Next Generation Firewall

    Protect your network from Internet threats while providing appropriate access to resources inside and outside your network.

  • Multi-WAN & Load Balancing

    Increase network availability and bandwidth by utilizing multiple Internet connections including support for broadband , 3G/4G modems

  • Outbound intelligent load balancing

  • Inbound Link Load balancing (ILLB)

    Inbound Load Balancing distributes inbound data traffic over multiple WAN links to Application /servers behind AnexGATE.

  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention (IDPS)

    Leverage the power of deep-packet inspection to gain control over all internal and external network threats.

  • Hotspot Management (Captive Portal)

    Secure Guest Internet Management System provide a secure, integrated and customizable hotspot solution to your guests, employees or customers with Multiple Hotspot authentication.

  • Web Application Firewall

  • LDAP /AD integration

  • Bandwidth Management & QoS

    Take control of your network bandwidth utilization and set priorities for business critical applications like VoIP, web, email and more.

  • Web Security

    Take control over who can surf and where they can go on your network while protecting your employees from web threats.

  • VPN (Secure SSL & IPsec)

    Provide remote access to your employees and connect multiple offices together, through our simple and secure VPN technology.

  • Gateway Antivirus

    Detect and prevent infections at the gateway for both web and email traffic. Shield your network against the latest Internet threats.

  • High Availability (Hardware Failover)

    Eliminate the risk of hardware failure by clustering two units together to get the highest levels of reliability.

  • Centralized Management

    Endian Network is your one stop web-based management tool to access, support, and update/upgrade all your Endian devices.

  • Bandwidth Monitoring , Reporting, & User Activity log

    View real-time and historical traffic and feature reports for all your important network activity including web usage reports.

Why choose us?

Hundreds of businesses, educational institutions, government agencies and non-profits - for years - have come to rely upon AnexGATE Appliances for their secure networking needs.


User Friendly Products At Great Prices

At AnexGATE , all of our products come with Perpetual License for lifetime. For the first year, upgrades ,AnexCARE and product warranty is included in the purchase of AnexGATE Appliances . In order to receive continual upgrades, security patches , HW Warranty and AnexCARE support services, Customers needs to subscribe to annual renewal plans. Our philosophy is to adopt and adhere to business best practices.


Stable, Seamless And Scalable Products

AnexGATE takes the complexity out of network security—saving you time, money and frustration. Get everything you need in a single, modular platform that fits the evolving needs of your organization without the headaches of multiple point solutions.


Friendly Customer Support Team

We believe in philosophy that customer success is our success .And, where business assurance is required, AnexGATE provides professional and enterprise-class support arrangements that give you access to guidance and problem solving expertise from a seasoned and skilled support organization.
Our energetic and talented support team works hand-in-hand with our customers to help them deploy highly secure , reliable and robust networks.


We devote a lot of time to the research and development of each product, and thus, AnexGATE ’s products are user-friendly and available at Amazing prices. Don’t believe us.. check out what our happy customers say about us!!

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