AnexGATE Bandwidth Aggregator

Complete Wi-Fi Security Management

AnexGATE Bandwidth Aggregation combines two or more Internet connections and gives Internet applications access to their total available bandwidth and increases reliability with link redundancy. AnexGATE Bandwidth Aggregator works session bases.

AnexGATE BA techniques support load balancing to route Internet sessions from congested links, to links with more available bandwidth. They also provide Automatic Failover of Internet sessions from failed links to functional connections to eliminate the Internet as a point of failure.

For a company that’s looking for scalability in connecting to the Internet, bandwidth aggregation can allow you to grow your bandwidth as your bandwidth needs grow.


  • Increase your Internet speed
  • Reliability for business offices of all sizes
  • Save on your Internet bandwidth cost
  • Aggregated point-to-multipoint Capacity
  • Accelerate the speed
  • load balancing
  • Intelligent session-based load balancing
  • Link failure recovery & link failover


Hotels, cafes, bars, etc are faced with an increasing demand for guest and visitor connectivity throughout the entire premises; guest rooms, restaurants, lobbies, outdoor areas. Having the ability to offer an Internet access service will provide the opportunity to increase the visitors by offering free access or secure on-going revenue for the business, increase the company profile and win new customers and provide a valuable service to customers and guests. AnexSPOT client-server is a complete authentication, authorization and accounting server. AnexSPOT provides an array of rich features ensuring property owners get revenue stream and guests get good Internet experience. AnexSPOT is mainly aimed at the hospitality segment and organizations intending to implement Wi-Fi network access at their premises.