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By Industries
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Balancing Security with Controlled Access

Free and easy access to knowledge , and at the same time protecting Students, staff and guests from online threats, ensuring a secure and reliable internet connection , Limit and evenly share the available bandwidth for all users campus-wide : These are the objectives that we implement in schools, universities and other educational establishments, while offering tangible added value too.
Students are bringing more connected devices on campus than ever before, using them to access more web-based applications and high-definition content every day. Their digital lifestyle has led to unpredictable spikes in network traffic that can bring College networks to a crawl at any given time.
To get insatiable bandwidth usage under control, AnexGATE enables admin to prioritize access to educational content.

Hospitality Relies on Hotspot

Guest Internet is one of the most important amenities for the hospitality market. Hotels usually utilise a captive portal to allow guests ( Free or paid) access to internet for a limited duration. Guests need to login using a voucher they can either buy or obtain for free at the reception. AnexGATE has a build-in captive portal with voucher support and can easily create them on the fly.
AnexGATE offers a comprehensive Hotspot management solution for venues like hotels, resorts, or campgrounds .The solution is designed to cater to business needs and budget of each property – big or small. We also offer integration with SMS Gateway , PMS systems to make the guest Internet experience seamless and hassle-free.

Banking and Finance
Reliability. High Availability. Security

Financial gain is one of the top-cited motivators of cybercrime. That is why Financial institutions need cutting-edge networks offering the absolute best in security and performance. Further, these organizations requires rigorous management and surveillance of IT infrastructure.
Also network’s continuous availability is paramount for financial institutions. The slightest network interruption or application downtime during a transaction can be very costly. AnexGATE guarantees service continuity through reliable systems at a low cost – keeping your systems up and your wallet full.
AnexGATE USG consists of high-performance products and Secure Connectivity solutions that prevent network congestion and provide connectivity that is 100% reliable. Controlling bandwidth, prioritizing traffic, and managing redundant network connections will help you effectively manage all of your network activity.

Defence and Military Organizations
Win the war on cybercrime with impenetrable, trusted security

Military organizations and armed forces need especially powerful protection for their information systems. In the modern era, cyber warfare plays a crucial role in national security – and the best offense is an unshakeable defence. Security, reliability and availability are therefore of the utmost importance when the stakes are so high.
Security solutions for the defence sector require quality guarantees. As a Defence and Military organization, the confidentiality of your operations is critical to our national security . This need for privacy applies not only to cyber criminals, but also to other State actors such as intelligence agencies. As an “Made in India” product , Our promise to you: no backdoors for anyone, for any reason.
Our products are properly designed, tested, and implemented according to governmental requirements.

Health and Healthcare Facilities
When it comes to security, you’re always on-call

The Healthcare industry has been a primary target for cybercriminals seeking personal data, medical insurance information and monetary gain. The Healthcare industry therefore faces unique challenges in ensuring that data is not only secure, but also available at all times.
Network failure or application downtime in the healthcare industry is literally a question of life and death. Although budgets are increasingly constrained, network availability and reliability are essential. In addition, regulations require that IT services be available even in the event of a network malfunction.
AnexGATE prevent network congestion and provide connectivity that is 100% reliable. Controlling bandwidth and prioritizing traffic will also protect you from denial-of-service attacks Lastly, AnexGATE products are equipped with numerous features to make integration fast and easy, minimizing downtime during setup.

Providing a High Level of Service Cost-Effectively

Online businesses operate in an increasingly competitive environment. Customers and consumers demand and expect fast, reliable, and efficient services. Likewise, retailers and buyers need uninterrupted service continuity and secure communications at the best possible price. AnexGATE simplifies protection against even the most complex threats.
While ensuring the network is secure at headquarters might be of top concern to most companies, it is the network edge that is the most vulnerable. That’s why you need a security system that is both affordable and reliable to help your business run smoothly and to ensure service continuity.
The WAN link redundancy and distribution (or failover), Secure VPN Connectivity feature can also be used to ensure information system availability in the event of an operator failure.

Public Administration and Government
Security of the people, by the people, for the people

The public sector must meet the challenge of satisfying its citizens’ expectations, all while maintaining secure information systems. Deployed collectively, AnexGATE solutions deliver an effective response to the risks of negligence and malware.