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AnexGATE is a comprehensive & cost effective Internet productivity & Security solution for companies that need to leverage the immense power of the Web. The AnexGATE appliance consists of Firewall, VPN, in built Proxy, Content Filter & Caching, Email, DNS, DHCP, Intrusion Detection / prevention System and Gateway Anti Virus & Anti Spam for the mails. This AnexGATE family of Internet appliances ideally suits the small & medium organizations to leverage the power of Internet. AnexGATE Appliance ensures faster Web access; meets organization’s critical Internet security needs, enhances productivity and provides inter institutions/ branch or mobile user connectivity using VPN.

Key Requirement

- Protect Internal Network from various external attacks
- Restrict Viruses and worms at the gateway
- Connect all the locations through Internet, in a secured and cost effective way
- Monitor the usage of Internet to cut the cost
- Stop employees from the unrelated web sites access
- Secure Remote Asset Monitoring