AnexGATE Network Security Solutions include:

Unified Security Gateway Solution

AnexGATE provides complete range of Unified Security Gateway solutions from low range of SOHO appliances to enterprise grade appliances. AnexGATE offers protection from multiple threats like virus, mal-ware, spams, intrusions, vulnerable codes, etc. With integrated FW/VPN/IPS/Anti-spam/AV/URL filtering/application proxy/Multiple WAN/Bandwidth management/End point security, these appliances have complete capability to tackle complex requirements of security and productivity in the network.

Mail messaging security solution

AnexGATE is powered by mail messaging security solutions. AnexGATE PRO is powered by inbuilt mail server / mail security suite which gives flexibility and high security to user for his requirements. Mail messaging security suite is powered by anti spam, antivirus, content filtering, IPS, relay control, fetch-mail protection, local routing, domain blocking, user/IP blocking, etc and many more mail security features. AnexGATE spam solution provides wide range of user/group-based blocking, text and image-based spam analysis, SMTP protection, heuristic filtering, etc.

Web security solution

AnexGATE web filtering security solutions deliver wide range of web filtering solutions for SOHO to large enterprises. Web filtering solution provides HTTP authentication, secure caching, user/group based policies, URL/keyword based filtering, external database support, content filtering, time based policies, Gateway scanning for antivirus and anti-malware. The solution powered by multiple ISP support and bandwidth management provides adequate usage of Internet lines and bandwidth optimization.

WiFi network protection solution

AnexGATE secures WiFi network by delivering necessary authentication, encryption and user access control. AnexGATE WiFi network protection solution (an optional suite of AnexGATE USG) provides digital certificates authentication by using secure IPSEC standards encryption resulting in encrypted data transfer between client and AnexGATE endpoint. Powered by seamless integration with AD and LDAP, AnexGATE Endpoint puts additional layer of authentication for secure access. AnexGATE checks each user against pre-defined policies for giving network admission control to the users.

Mobile client connectivity and security solution

AnexGATE solution provides wide range of solutions for mobile clients like sales force automation, stock broker clients, etc for securely and easily accessing the resource through mobile access. AnexGATE is powered by flexibility of easy access (clientless/browser-based) from anywhere in the world as well as stringent security checks and policy enforcement. Dual factor authentication support, virtual keyboard, etc are some of the major advantages for ensuring identity management and assurance.