Maximization on Internet Security and Connectivity for Business Applications

AnexGATE Network Security Solutions is one India’s leading providers of Unified Threat Management (UTM), SSL and Multi-Homing Security solutions. With high-performance network solutions, AnexGATE series of appliances helps businesses create fast responsive and highly trusted environments to increase the deployment of services.

AnexGATE brand was founded in 2004 by Rahul Gupta, the founder and CEO for Smile Security and Surveillance Pvt. Ltd. (SSSPL), a stalwart in IT industry. AnexGATE Network Security Solutions is the network security division of SSSPL. AnexGATE offers a family of network security solutions that help businesses tackle all their network security challenges and create a safe environment for organizations. AnexGATE‘s cost-effective network solutions drive new sources of revenue and help to enhance the safety and security of businesses.

AnexGATE appliances help customers

• Secure their mission-critical networks from various attacks
• Simplify security infrastructure and solutions
• Increase performance and reduce costs for implementation
• Protect from multiple virus threats and spam attacks
• Update the security for intrusion attacks
• Secure IT resources from mobile user threats
• Protect and analyze Internet access control of their organization
• Protect mail and other important services

Our Mission

“To make High Technology Products & Solutions as an end-to-end service to customers in domains that requires remote connectivity and monitoring”

Our Vision

“Riding the growth of Security and Surveillance infrastructure in India, be the leaders in high technology solutions enabling – with substantial saving for its customers, margins for partners, associates and share holders”